Brunswick County Schools

With a welcoming and diversified environment, Brunswick County Schools offer an open environment for learning. The students provide a patchwork of backgrounds and cultures, which allows them to bring much to the table through discussions. They learn about other cultures not just from text books and field trips, but from true interaction with other students and gain a well-informed approach to other cultures. Teachers constantly come up with new approaches to subjects, tailored to the individual students' needs. Many have earned prestigious awards, such as West Brunswick High School's former Advanced Placement (AP) English instructor Melba Johnson, who won the North Carolina Teacher of the Year award. As schools of excellence, Brunswick County maintains the highest standards for both administrators and teachers, as they are essential in building a strong foundation for the youth. They ensure these standards by constantly re-accessing their performance as well as the performance of students. It is from these self-checks that administrators learn to how adapt to new challenges and changing times.

The laid back atmosphere and natural beauty that surrounds the area add to the charm of the schools. There are three high schools, North Brunswick High School, South Brunswick High School and West Brunswick High School. Each offers a broad variety of courses to ensure a well-rounded education and preparation for college. The curriculum for Elementary and Middle School students is set in place as North Carolina regulates. The courses expand tremendously in high school, offering everything from electrical mechanics to AP physics and even courses at the college for students who are looking to gain college credits in their junior and senior year. The options are limitless, it is the students that are encouraged to widen their spectrum and pursue as many opportunities as they like. Aside from involvement through academics, there are many other ways for students to actively participate in their education, as the many clubs and activities allow growth. From the National Honor Society, an organization that inducts members through academic excellence, to Future Business Leaders of America, a club for those interested in pursuing a career in business, there are many options for students to assume leadership roles and learn responsibility and integrity through those positions.

Some students also pursue education outside of the school. The administrators of Brunswick County Schools constantly search for new methods of getting the youth involved with the community and helping to broaden their minds with many programs focused on community outreach. Communities in Schools, one such program, coalesces community resources with schools so that students are able to have a one-on-one relationship with a caring adult and a chance to give back to the community. With programs such as Dare Role Models, high school juniors and seniors have the opportunity to help younger students steer clear of a drug environment as they grow through open conversations and discussions. Brunswick County continues to pursue excellence and distinction as they hold the power to touch so many lives; they believe that education holds the key to unlocking limitless options that lead to a brighter future.

Brunswick County Public Schools

Brunswick County Early College High School
Principal: Dr. Vicky Snyder
Phone: 910-754-8565

Belville Elementary
575 River Road
Belville-Leland, North Carolina 28451
Principal: Joyce Beatty
Phone: 910-371-0601

Bolivia Elementary
4036 Business Hwy 17-E
Bolivia, North Carolina 28422
Principal: Pam Collins
Phone: 910-253-6516

Brunswick Learning Center
705 N Lord Street
Southport, NC 28461
Principal: George Leach
Phone: 910-457-0777

Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary
250 Pea Landing Road, NW
Ash, North Carolina 28420
Principal: Patricia V. Rourk
Phone: 910-287-4014

Leland Middle
927 Old Fayetville Rd.
Leland, North Carolina
Principal: Rob Knuschke
Phone: 910-371-3030

Lincoln Elementary School
1664 Lincoln Road, NE
Leland, North Carolina 28451
Principal: Helen Davis
Phone: 910-371-3597

North Brunswick High
114 Scorpion Drive
Leland, North Carolina 28451
Principal: Deanne Meadows
Phone: 910-371-2261

Shallotte Middle School
225 Village Road
Shallotte , North Carolina 28459
Principal: Jerry Small
Phone: 910-754-6882

South Brunswick High
280 Cougar Drive, BSL
Southport, North Carolina 28461
Principal: Vann Pennell
Phone: 910-845-2204

South Brunswick Middle School
100 Cougar Drive, BSL
Southport, North Carolina 28461
Principal: Patricia Underwood
Phone: 910-845-2771

Southport Elementary
701 West 9th Street
Southport, North Carolina 28461
Principal: Randy Horne
Phone: 910-457-6036

Supply Elementary
51 Benton Road, SE
Supply, North Carolina 28462
Principal: Dr. Dwight F. Willis
Phone: 910-754-7644

Union Elementary
180 Union School Road, NW
Shallotte, North Carolina 28459
Principal: Rhonda Benton
Phone: 910-579-3591

Virginia Williamson Elementary
1020 Zion Hill Road SE
Bolivia, NC 28422
Principal: Harry Martin
Phone: 910-754-8660

Waccamaw Elementary
5901 Waccamaw School Road
Ash, North Carolina 28420
Principal: David Kulp
Phone: 910-287-6437

West Brunswick High
550 Whiteville Road, NW
Shallotte, North Carolina 28470
Principal: Dr. James Jordan
Phone: 910-754-4338

Brunswick County Private Schools

Emmanuel Christian Academy
Po Box 476
Leland, NC 28451
Phone: 910-371-6968

L & L Montessori School
4150 Vanessa Drive
Southport, NC 28461
Phone: 910-454-7344

New Jerusalem Christian Academy
102 Trinty Drive
Leland, NC 28451
Phone: 910-371-2810

Southport Christian School
8070 River Rd.
Southport, NC 28461
Phone: 910-457-5060

West Christian Academy
P.O. Box 2250
Shallotte, NC 28459
Phone: 910-754-3020

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